21 August 2013

Rosie is Here!

Gus, Meara and Rosie are here in NY and I have to share some photos.

Playing with her Dad's old Brio trains.

Jumping (just for the joy of it).

On our way to the pond Gus miraculously found this tiny frog.

Best picture ever!

I love seeing Rosie in the highchair I used, and Gus used.

Enjoying a yummy plum.

14 August 2013

Rosie's Party

Rosie got up from her nap, put on her new (and first) bathing suit, and found a party in her backyard.

The alligator pool was a big hit.

Best friends.

07 August 2013

Silly Time

After our tour of the rose gardens we went to lunch.  The restaurant had a wonderful playroom -- fun and silliness for all.

05 August 2013

Rosemary in the Rose Garden

After playing with the dollhouse we all went to the Portland Rose Gardens.  The roses were slightly post-peak but beautiful none the less.

04 August 2013

While I Was Gone ... Rosie Turned 2 YEARS Old

It has been quite some time since I last posted.  I was in Portland with Gus, Meara and Rosie to celebrate the all important 2nd birthday.

When I was in Portland I moved each day's photos to my new iPad.  This worked great; I was quite satisfied with myself for figuring out how to do that.  Then I got home and I wanted to move the photos to my laptop.  That's when I realized I had no idea how to do that.  After many tries in the last week, I finally made a successful upload/download ... whatever I did, it worked.  So at last I can share some of my time with Rosie.

Rosie got a 'green' dollhouse for her birthday.  It has a wind turbine, solar panels, recycle bins.  And she loves it -- who wouldn't.

Here are the toys made for the dollhouse.  When Rosie opened the box for these, she picked up the tiny bear (maybe an inch long) and said "Oh, it's so cute!".