30 March 2014

Skyping with the Big Girl

Rosie has a big girl bed! She told me all about it.

Assisted by her Mom, she did a short tumbling routine.

And then she showed me her current favorite books, from a Maurice Sendak Nutshell Library set.

28 March 2014

Welcome Echo!

Cara and Jonathan have a new family member.  This is Echo.

Echo is exploring her world and meeting new friends.  (Though Delta looks a bit skeptical for now.)

25 March 2014

Happy Birthday Lucy

Lucy was my 50th birthday present.  Today she is 11 years old (you do the rest of the math).  She is as pretty as the day I brought her home, sitting on Gus' lap the whole ride. She follows me everywhere and plunks down behind me wherever I go, whatever I'm doing.  I trip over her every time.  At least one of us never learns.  But she is sweet and loving, and she is a loyal friend. Today she will have venison and ice cream, maybe together.    

24 March 2014

Time with Emily

Today Gus, Meara & Rosie visited Emily and her family.  Obviously Rosie is having a great time with Presley and Elin.  Nothing like dressing up in princess clothes to bond little girls.


And one more picture from yesterday's visit with Jonathan.  (That is Ashton on Gus' lap.) 

23 March 2014


Gus and Meara and Rosie are in Colorado for a visit with friends and family.  Here is Rosie eating pancakes like a pro.    

Time with Jonathan

After pancakes, Gus, Meara and Rosie went to visit Jonathan and Cara.  How I wish I could have been with them all.  

Looks like Delta was jealous and needed some cuddling.  (Gordon is watching warily from his corner of the couch.  I originally identified the wary cat as being Ashton -- sorry Gordon!)

16 March 2014

Sunday Skyping with Rosie

I am a lucky Gromma this weekend.  Gus has been sending wonderful pictures, and just now we got to Skype.

Rosie Writes Rosie

Gus got a new phone and it takes great pictures.  This is good for me because I have been getting wonderful pictures of Rosie being Rosie.  I have decided that I will no longer apologize for bragging about my granddaughter.  I'm giving up the fight and accepting that grandparents get to brag.  End point.

That said, Rosie is not even 3.  And she can write her own name.

Snow White draws a snowman.
 (I love all  of the arts and crafts supplies scattered in the background.)   

15 March 2014

Nice Teeth!

Saturday in Portland

Gus sent these just after 8am their time.  Rosie seems to be having a busy day so far.  At this pace everyone will need an early nap. 

10 March 2014

So Cute!

We haven't had opportunity to Skype in awhile so Gus sent this picture of sweet Rosie.

04 March 2014

Born to Read

This was taken August 1983 when Gus was 18 months old.  I love this picture.  As a lifelong reader I am happy to remember that Gus has always loved books too.  And now he is passing his love of books on to his very lucky students.

I am pretty sure that is a Little Golden Book.  I am guessing there is red Juicy Juice in the sippy cup.  I have tried zooming and cropping but I still have no idea what is on the step under his right elbow.  If you can figure it out, please leave a comment.