28 July 2014

Rosie Being Rosie

I was going to post more pictures from my trip to Portland but when I saw these from Meara I knew I needed to share.

 So funny.

So tall.

So sweet.

26 July 2014

Rosemary Jane's 3rd Birthday

Rosie just turned 3 years old and I was happy to be in Portland with her for her birthday week.  We did a lot and I have so many pictures.  Today I am posting miscellaneous moments from our time together.

Gus and Rosie picked me up at the airport and after some lunch we went home.  Waiting for me was this wonderful drawing they made.  I love giraffes so here are Meara, Gus and Rosie welcoming Gromma to Portland.  The best welcome ever.

Rosie and I discovered Bubble Tea.  I am still not clear on what it is exactly but it is milkshake like with fruity pea-sized bubbles suspended throughout.  You sip it through wide straws that allow the bubbles into your mouth without breaking. You then pop the bubble and get a burst of fruit flavor.  Here is Rosie's first experience -- she was at first skeptical but after her first successful pop, she loved it.

Gus, Rosie and I went to Cafe au Play, a cafe for parents and kids.  By an incredible stroke of luck Rosie's best friend Juniper was there too.  Also a wonderful woman (so sorry I do not remember her name) singing great kid-friendly songs.  The kids loved her.  Rosie and Juniper sat side by side in rapt attention for the entire performance.

Rosie at the park.