12 February 2015

A Good Day for Sitting Up

Meara just sent these.  She said that when Roland woke up from his nap he decided it was a good time to try sitting up.  He seems quite happy with his success.

06 February 2015

Cara & the Devil Dogs

Jonathan sent this picture today.  Cara wanted a photo of herself and the dogs for a relative.  I'm not sure this was the moment she expected to capture.

Granted this is an older picture but Echo and Delta have always been sweet pups.  But, maybe they are demonically possessed and in true horror movie tradition the camera sees what we don't.

03 February 2015

A Selfie Tradition

Meara recently posted this great picture of her and Lando. 

Back in March of 2012 Gus took this one with Rosie.