28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 1960 

I wish you all a Thanksgiving that is as much fun as sitting at the kids' table.

24 November 2013

Sunday Skyping with a 2 Year Old

Just after this picture Rosie decided she was not so interested in Skyping.  As Gus said, I got a slice of life with a 2 year old.  Which is what I really love about Skyping -- being able to join in their life is so much more real than just a photograph can be.  That said, this is a wonderful picture of my boy and his girl.

16 November 2013

Weekend Skyping with Rosie

Lots of talking and few pictures today.

Rosie being silly with her new Cheetah slippers. 

Rosie and I compared tongues.

Last week's letter at Rosie's preschool was 'J'.  Here she is showing me how the Jellyfish moves.

11 November 2013

My Mom

My Mom died November 11th, 2003.  Ten years ago today and still there are moments and days I recall with complete clarity.  Last year I posted photos of Mom at Cossayuna Lake where our family spent every July for many years.  We all loved it but I think maybe Mom loved it best of all. It was the one place where she completely relaxed.  And that is how I like to remember her.  I've decided to post them again this year, and perhaps I always will on this sad anniversary, because these are my most cherished memories.  This year I am adding a favorite picture of me with Mom when I was 6.  

July 1959.  Mom could float for hours - it was like her secret power.

July 1962

July 1966

I'm sure there is a lake in Mom's part of Heaven.

02 November 2013

Snow White and the One Dwarf

Rosie was Snow White for Halloween.  Meara was the Evil Queen.  And Gus was a very convincing Grumpy.

(I have to note that Meara made Rosie's amazing Snow White dress.)