27 December 2014

Rosie and Lando

Rosie seems happy to be the big sister.  

Lando is a little more skeptical about being the little brother.

23 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Gus, Meara, Rosie, Lando, and I just had our Skyped Christmas gathering.  Rosie unwrapped all of her own presents this year, and she emptied her own stocking.  [Christmas tradition question - When you get your stocking, do you dump everything out at once and then look through the pile, or do you take one item out at a time?  Follow-up question - Does each individual item in the stocking get wrapped, or do they all go in unwrapped?  Or wrap some but not all (as I do)?]  And this was Roland's first Christmas.  He is wearing the very same Rudolph sweatshirt that Gus wore for his first Christmas.


16 December 2014