17 May 2014

Echo Update

Echo and big sister Delta spend time with their neighbor while Jonathan and Cara are working.    

The neighbor's dog Gia is their best friend. Here are all 3 greeting each other.  

Gia and Echo taking a walk.

12 May 2014

I Know That Face

Yesterday Meara posted these 2 photos of Rosie enjoying kolaches full of Nutella.  YUM.

I had a memory of Gus enjoying a similar treat.  Here is Rosie's Dad eating jelly doughnuts in 1984.

11 May 2014

Mother's Day Skyping with Rosie

Happy Mother's Day to me from Rosie and Gus.  Rosie was pretty much in constant motion.  And she got new sneaks, purple of course.

Happy Mother's Day to My Favorite Moms

Mom and me, July 1959

Meara and Rosie




04 May 2014