25 July 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears ... and Giraffes!

On the Thursday of Rosie's Birthday Week it was her birthday and she had a very big day.  After her morning nap we went to the wonderful Portland Zoo.  As soon as I knew we were going to the zoo I started begging to see the giraffes -- my favorite exotic critter.  Rosie had no preference (or couldn't express it if she did) so Gus and Meara agreed we would go to the Africa section - they hadn't seen that part yet so this decision was not just to appease Gromma, though I would likely have pouted otherwise.

The Zoo





Monitor Lizard

Rosie and the Crocodile

Rosie and the Fish





Bird House


Rosie and the Leopards

Rosie and the Caracal

Lunch with Rosie eating her new favorite treat -- seaweed!

Bald Eagle


Polar Bear

I had a great day with my 3 favorite people ... and I got to see Giraffes!

22 July 2012

Rosie Goes to OMSI

On Tuesday of Rosie's Birthday Week Gus and Rosie and I went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).  This is such a wonderful place -- you could easily spend a full day and still there'd be more to see and do.  We opted to spend our time in the Science Playground which is for kids under 6, and within that there is an infant area for those under 2 years.  I'm not sure who had the best time -- Rosie, or Gus and I watching Rosie.