20 September 2011

Why Blog?

To blog or not to blog?  This has been my question for all too long now.  And today I have finally decided - why not? 

When I first retired, a year and a half ago, I started writing Retirement Ramblings.  It was a way for me to chronicle a huge, new phase of my life.  I continued writing for 6 months and then life got busy so I stopped.  Now when I read those ramblings I’m glad that I captured the early days of retirement - even happier to recall my feelings at the time.  I have kept some sort of diary 3 or 4 times in my life and I’ve only been successful when I understood that a diary doesn’t have to be maintained every single calendar day (or even every calendar month) - just write when there’s something to say or events to record.  Years and years later I have no regrets that I didn’t write something every day in those few journals I did keep, but I do regret the many journals I never even started.

So now I’ll try blogging - maybe it will become the ultimate journal.  I just want to write about my life, my dogs, my beautiful gran’baby.  I want to write what I remember of those years when I didn’t keep a journal.  Memories or moments, monumental or mundane.  Life will sometimes get too busy and I won’t be able to write.  But this time I hope I won’t stop.  Diary, journal, blog … I’m writing this for me.  

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