17 July 2012

Best Week Ever

I was in Portland with Gus and Meara and Rosie last week.  I am so happy to say I was there for Rosemary Jane's 1st Birthday. Just being together made it a week long celebration.  We went to beautiful places and creative places and awe-inspiring places, and all were fun places.  We also ate the most wonderful food.  My favorite restaurant meal was a sandwich with artichoke, lemon, garlic, roasted peppers, parmesan, and pepper jack grilled on sourdough bread.  (I wrote that out in detail so I can refer back and recreate it some day.)  My favorite meal we ate at home - Gus made black bean 'burgers' and Meara provided her homemade burger rolls - oh so good!  Soon I will start posting pictures of our week.  I took well over a hundred pictures; a few I deleted immediately but most I cannot part with.  Don't worry - I will only post selected highlights.

Rosie was of course the star of the week.  Every day I had with her was magical.

Here is last year's 3 generation photo.

And this year's 3 generation photos.

Definitely the best week ever.

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