01 May 2013

Surprise Skyping with Rosie

Some adjustments were needed for Rosie's  day care today so Gus called to see if I wanted to Skype -- what a lovely Wednesday surprise.  Rosie was a whirligig  of motion and she chattered away.  Her chattering now consists of more and more real words -- her vocabulary grows each day, and now she speaks in short but complete sentences.

She went straight for her bookshelf to get a book for me.  She wanted one that was hard to get so she said "I need help".  Gus went to get the book and when he handed it to Rosie she said, clear as a bell, 'Thank you'.  So sweet.

After reading she decided it was time to put on her very stylish purple Crocs.  Here she is saying 'wrong foot'.  

She asked for a little help from her Dad.

And then, with each croc on the correct foot, she could jump -- a favorite thing to do.

Looking for a ball that rolled under the couch.

Identifying things in her box of scoopable stuff.

She went through her blocks and told me the name of the animal on everyone.

What fun hearing her say Alligator.

Rosie is turning into a little girl -- no more baby.

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