20 January 2014

MLK Day Skyping with Rosie

Gus and Rosie had no school today so we Skyped.  First she introduced me to her new doll, Samantha.

Then Rosie told me ALL about a 'movie' she recently watched with her Mom and Dad. Essentially it was about a worm who ate some books.  (Yes, he was a bookworm.)  "He was a very naughty worm because, Gromma, we should always be gentle with books." Somehow Tinkerbell was involved.  Also Tinkerbell's sister whose name was Periwinkle according to Gus, but Rosie was certain her name was Fairywinkle.  If there is not a fairy named Fairywinkle, there should be.  She told this story with great animation, and much repetition.  And I loved every minute.

Lastly, your eyes do not deceive you.  Gus shaved.  

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