19 August 2014

Rosie Turns Three, Part 1

When I was in Portland Rosie celebrated her third birthday.  In fact, Rosie celebrated her third birthday several times during that week.  Here are photos from the first celebration with Grandma Mary Ann and Grandpa Mike.

Rosie's Mom and Dad gave her this amazing kitchen.

Apparently it is very European to have your clothes washer in the kitchen.  Rosie made the sensible choice to use it as a dishwasher. 

Rosie has that 'best birthday present ever' face.

Gus has that 'I just spent 5 hours putting this together and it was so worth it' face.

Mike and Mary Ann made sure that she is appropriately dressed for kitchen work. 

Chef Rosemary Jane

Rosie blew out the candles in one try. (Sorry I missed the action shot.) 

After a happy party, Grandma Mary Ann and Rosie relax with a good book.

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