18 August 2015

Mom's Birthday

Mom would have been 94 today.  Sadly this is the 11th year without her here to celebrate.  And she did love to celebrate.  She loved getting presents.  It didn't much matter what the gift was, she just loved getting them.  One year I got her a canary from Woolworth's -- poor little thing didn't last long but she so enjoyed his singing in her kitchen.

She always wanted a picnic in the backyard, surrounded by her gardens.  We would have all of her favorite summer foods on the oilcloth covered picnic table.  Burgers, well-done as only she liked.  There would be thick slices of homegrown tomatoes, thin slices of red onion, a plate of pickles (sweet gherkins, dill, and olives), and the ever-present bag of Wise potato chips.  We would have corn on the cob with plenty of salt and butter.  Along with iced tea there would be birch beer, root beer, and 7UP.  Even though it was her birthday she would make her German potato salad (never recreated though we have all tried).

I miss those picnics.  I miss Mom.  

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