10 March 2012

Freddie, Janet, Karen

Karen just sent this photo to Freddie and me.  It was the one and only time we ever went to a professional photographer in a professional studio.  Karen recalls this was a Christmas present for our Dad.  Mom had to get us all dressed up and sneak us to the studio - this would have required taking us downstreet on a city bus.  I have distinct memories of the studio and all the lights, and the photographer, with Mom hovering as close as he'd let her.  It's one of my favorites of the three of us - always prominently displayed wherever our Mom was living.  I think it was taken in 1957.  With five years between each of us, this would have been when I was about to be 5, Freddie was 10 and Karen, 15.

I also remember the dress.  It was pale pink, sheer tulle over a white satiny full slip & a many layered crinoline.  There was a raised velvet pattern of white flowers with black ribbons matching the black velvet ribbon on the collar.  I felt like a princess.

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