20 March 2012

A Little of This and a Little of That

This was taken on February 18th - about a month ago when we had one of the biggest snow storms all this winter season.  (Actually we had the biggest storm on February 29th, Leap Day.  Had there only been the usual 28 days, this February would have been in the number one spot for least snowiest February ever in Albany.)  This lovely little spruce is from Gus and Meara's wedding (2008).

Yesterday was exceptionally warm in Albany (another day of record breaking high temperatures).  I went down to the pond to check on the pussy willows and they were perfect for cutting - fully open, furry little catkins.

Gus and Rosie, ready for a walk.

This is a Lipstick Plant which does not bloom often so I figured now was the time for a photo. 

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