06 April 2012

Happy Birthday Cousin Doreen!

Today is my cousin Doreen's 70th Birthday.  Being 10 years older than me, Doreen and my sister Karen pretty much mothered me from the day I was born.  I am absolutely the better for that.

For Doreen's birthday I scanned some more of the slides.  All but the first photo are from Christmas 1961 - so many treasures.  These were taken at 20 Bartlett Lane - this would have been our first Christmas in the Delmar house.  At that time Karen and Doreen were 19, Freddie and Johnny 14, and I would turn 9 three weeks later.

This first photo was taken on 28 Sept. 1961 - a party for my grandmother's (my Mom's mother) 76th birthday.  Photo of Grandpa Heimburge, my Mom, Grandma Heimburge, Aunt Ruth and Aunt Loretta - and my dog, Rip.  This was taken in the backyard of our Bartlett Lane house.  What a perfect look at 1961 suburbia.  

Cousin Doreen, Aunt Ruth and cousin Johnny.

My Mom's mother and father.

My cousin Joyce with husband, Billy and daughter Darlene.

My cousin Carol with her husband, Sam and son Paul.

This is priceless.  Karen, Freddie, Doreen, Johnny and my Grammie Clas doing the Twist.

Several posed pictures of Karen, Freddie and me.

This would have been the year I got my Barbie doll.  I still have her and several original outfits.

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sophanne said...

Love! And that furniture looks so comfy!