10 April 2012

It's my party and I'll scare you if I want to ...

On my birthday this year I posted some photos from my 9th birthday party, 50 years ago.  (http://ddramblings.blogspot.com/2012/01/its-my-party-and-ill-cry-if-i-want-to.html)

Recently while looking for some slides that are missing, Karen found 2 more from that 9th birthday party.  I am not sure why I feel compelled to post these new photos.  They are not remotely flattering and do in fact make me look a bit crazed.  (Aside to my blog-friend Sophanne - yes, I see this does nothing to dispel the Rhoda connection.)

First up is me cutting my cake with an expression of creepy glee as I rather too joyfully wield the knife.

And what to say of this, the hopefully last to be found of the birthday pictures.  I have so many questions for myself.  Especially, why, of all the gifts I received (including clothes and accessories for my just-received-on-Christmas beloved Barbie doll) ... why am I holding this clown?  I hate clowns and I think I always have -  so why would someone give me a clown and why would I want a photo of me with it?  The clown is the only thing in this photo creepier than my expression.  I think (hope) this was an over-posed, arty photo that my Dad often tried to achieve.  There's the bizarre lighting - as if I'm being interrogated.  The chair has been moved, or at least turned, as it was never kept at this angle.  The poinsettia seen just behind me was also moved from it's usual spot by the fireplace.  Perhaps the clown was chosen for color composition?   

While I still hope to find the missing slides, I'm thinking there may have been a good reason that these 2 slides were removed from the carousel.      


sophanne said...

You posted these pictures because you knew how happy they would make me. Have you seen those greeting cards that have pictures such as these with clever snarky captions? I believe if you found this company you could make a KILLING on residuals of selling this as a greeting card. I'm saving a copy of this photo so that I won't have to pay $4.99 every time I want to give a birthday card! Also I want some time to come up with the perfect caption.

J. Fred said...

I can't stop thinking that you're all wearing plastic bags on your heads. Because they do make the best toys, you know.