02 January 2013

New Year Skyping with Rosie

Meara is working today but Gus has a little more vacation before he goes back to school.  So he and Rosie and I Skyped.  I really wish I could include sound with these pictures because Rosie just chattered on and on.  She has learned so many new words, which she interspersed with the chattering.  Basically it sounded like 'chatter-cat-chatter-chatter-foot-chatter-chatter-happy-chatter-chatter-chatter-mommy-chatter ....." and this was all said with great feeling and animation.

Rosie greeted me with a wave.

Gus told me about the baby elephant they just saw at the Portland Zoo.  She gets the giggles when he makes the elephant sound.  

With Gus' hair buzzed and Rosie's just growing in, there's no hiding the resemblance.


Another new tooth on the way.

"That's my Dad!"

    Goodbye for now Sweet Rosie!  

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