25 January 2013

The Summer of 1966

These are the last of the slides from the 60's.  All were taken at Cossayuna Lake in July 1966.  I have posted most of these before for particular occasions or events, but as they are the last of the vintage slides I feel they should be displayed again.

Mom looking happy and beautiful.

Dad and a great catch.  I love the pile of inner tubes.

Mom always loved to read.  I wish I could tell what book she had.

Dad and Mom -- happier times.

The next three are of me -- before, during and after my haircut.

1 comment:

brus said...


great photos, I vaguely remember Cossayuna Lake. My mom says we wer there numerous times. (did you see I commented a while back on the 'tinsle', though you'd get a kick out of that).

O.K., questions,,,
1.why paper on the ground (ha,ha)during HC.
2. who was cutting your hair?
3. who's in the chair in the back ground? it looks like Freddie (your brother)....

hope all is well, Steve