10 June 2013

Rain is Good ... Until It's Not

My only source of water is from the well, and the well gets its water from the stream.  I have been through lots of summers with very little rain.  You learn to take fast showers and you save your change for the laundromat.  And if you have plants in the ground you carry lots of buckets of water from the pond.  Living with very little water is no fun, so I made a vow (a long time ago) to never complain about rainy weather.  Even when we had a wet, cold Spring the year of Gus and Meara's wedding; and it caused the peonies wanted for the bouquets and table arrangements to stay firmly closed; even then I didn't complain much.  I believe that is why the sun appeared the day before the wedding so that the peonies bloomed perfectly just in time.  So this year we had an absolutely beautiful early Spring.  And now we have had an absolutely wretched late Spring.  Just when we started wishing for rain because all of our new plants were getting dry, we got what we wished for ... and it hasn't stopped.  I just went out to give aid to some plants that are about to float away.  I'm not complaining about too much rain but on my way back to the house I passed this lady walking by.  Quack.


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