07 June 2013

The Voices of Women : Vashti Bunyan

I don't remember exactly when or for what but there was a TV commercial that featured this singer.  Obviously the ad did nothing to sell me on the product, but it sold me on the voice and the song.  I had no idea who was singing, so I went Googling and found Vashti Bunyan.  I had never heard her music; I knew nothing about her.  But I loved her voice, and I loved this song, "Train Song".  I still don't know too much about Vasti Bunyan but I am hooked on her music; I now have several of her songs on my iPod, but this one I especially love.  It reminds me of why I love trains --  they evoke a slower, less complicated world and yet also there is the promise of mystery and adventure.  Train travel is prominent in many of the short stories written by a favorite author, Alice Munro.  This song very much reminds me of a Munro story.  

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