09 February 2014

50 Years Later, I Still Love the Beatles

February 9, 1964 The Beatles made their first American television appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.  I had just turned 11 in January of that year -- by that time I was an established Beatles' fan.  My best friend Patience had a pen pal (raise your hand if you remember pen pals) who lived in England.  The pen pal sent Pat the British release 45 record (raise your hand ... never mind) of the Beatles.  We listened to that record so many times you would think the two songs on that single would be burned in my memory but that is not the case. So I searched and I am fairly sure Love Me Do was the cover song with P.S. I Love You on Side B.  Over the last 50 years I have remained a Beatles fan.  The deaths of John and George will sadden me forever.  Paul has occasionally frustrated me with his life and career choices but never for long.  I was a firm believer that he was 'The Cute Beatle' but as I aged I found George the most attractive.  And Ringo, I think I have learned to appreciate him the most.  Teen-aged girls just don't want a sense of humor in a boy -- they want the dark brooding artist and poet.  So to celebrate the Beatles on this anniversary I am posting some of my favorite memorabilia.  All I think are from 1964 and 1965.

All of the photos are so staged.  What could have been the reason for taking a picture of them with their feet on a stuffed donkey?

This is why Paul was the cute Beatle.  This particular photo was obviously held and gazed at lovingly many, many times.

In April 1965 The Albany Times Union published a series of 4 articles over 4 days.  

This is on the back of the first article.  I am sorry that I didn't cut out enough of the article to have the complete photo of John Kennedy Jr. with Mickey.
This photo is included with one of the articles.  I have enlarged it so that you can read the caption.  "Womanhood lies prone ..."  OMG!

Thank you John, Paul, George, and Ringo.  Thank you for 50 wonderful years.  I will always be a fan.

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