17 February 2014

Presidents' Day Skyping with Rosie

No school for Gus and Rosie today so Gromma got to Skype.  And what fun we had.  After finishing her cereal Rosie drew some pictures for me.

First she drew Sleeping Beauty with her crown.

Warning! Grandmotherly bragging follows.  Rosie is only 2.  She handles the pen effortlessly and her drawings are pretty great.  As she was drawing she kept up a constant patter.  She decided she was drawing princesses and with each picture she figured out before she started how much space she needed so she knew where to put the head. Then she'd say "Now she needs legs, and eyes, and a smile, shoes and a gown."  And last, "Look, Gromma, I'm drawing her crown."  
Her second drawing was Snow White.  Note the bow in her hair because "Snow White doesn't have a crown, Gromma."

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