29 April 2014

Fairsing Vineyard

(I originally posted this in January.  At that time the link to Fairsing Vineyard was under construction.  The website is now up and running so I thought it would be a good time to re-post)

Rosie's West Coast grandparents, Mike and Mary Ann, own and manage Fairsing Vineyard in Oregon.  

This year for Christmas they sent me some very special wine, Rosemary's Reserve; made for our beautiful Rosie.  Best gift ever!

Mike and Mary Ann have often hosted a campout at the vineyard for family and friends.  I was lucky to be there in 2010.  Before adding some pictures from that weekend, I have to say that every time I think of campouts at the vineyard, I can't help but hear the 1968 song 'Sweet Blindness'.  I usually associate the song with The 5th Dimension but it was written by the wonderful Laura Nyro so it is her version I am including here.   (I apologize for the sometimes fleeting nature of this video.  It appears and disappears at whim, especially when viewing from an iPad.  So if you see no video but would like to hear the song, try going directly to YouTube Laura Nyro Sweet Blindness.) 

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