28 April 2014

Green Heron

This morning it was nice enough to read on the dock.  The water is still cold so not many pond critters are stirring yet, just a few bullfrogs.  Birds on the other hand are everywhere.  And today I got to add a new bird to my life list. Two Green Herons came to the pond and I have never seen one before -- at least not since starting the list sometime in the 1980s.  Naturally I had no camera, sadder yet because they were so close to me and they stayed for maybe 10 minutes, one on each side of the pond.  But this picture is an exact image of the birds I saw today.   


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Laura Mae said...

What a treat - both to spot them and - that they tolerated you watching them for a bit. Each of the herons are beautiful to me; but the Green (and Yellow Crowned Night) are probably my favorite. …I love your blog's header about your dog! :)