17 November 2014

Lando was 3 Weeks Old & Rosie was Belle

While I was in Portland Lando turned 3 weeks old and it was Halloween.  Rosie was the most beautiful Belle ever, and Gus was a most tolerant Beast.  Hero of the week award goes to Meara.  While Lando needed constant attention and Rosie demanded constant attention, Meara created a perfect Belle wig, which Rosie wanted but ultimately chose not to wear.  Meara also crafted horns and furry ears to transform Gus into the Beast.  Gus made a valiant effort to keep these on his head but every time he bent down to attend to Belle, off fell his beastly accouterments.  Actual Trick or Treating was brief but successful.  Rosie is now a confirmed chocoholic.


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