14 November 2014

Time is Flying

Life is moving a little fast these days so I haven't posted any photos of my visit to Portland.  I met my sweet grandson and I spent time with Rosie -- such a treat to see all of my sweet ones twice in the last three months.

I arrived in Portland on Sunday October 26.  Gus and Rosie met me at the airport.  Best welcome ever! 

Then we went home to Meara and Lando (aka Roland).  I brought him a winter hat.  He will hate me for this some day.  

Sadly Gus had to teach most of the days I was there.  But Meara and Rosie and Lando and I had a very full and fun week together.  And I got to spend a lot of time holding Lando.

We went to the Warehouse Cafe and Market to see The Tangled Threads. Every kid (and every adult) was pretty much mesmerized.  

Every day with my sweet gran'babies was wonderful.

You know you are a grandparent when you take your shoes off at the end of the day and find a Hello Kitty sticker on your sock.

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