04 November 2011

City Mouse Country Mouse (or No Guts No Glory)

I lived in the city until I was 7 and then I lived in the suburbs.  And I was never a wuss - I spent lots of time in the woods and had no real fear of anything.  I collected newts and frogs and turtles and raised several hamsters.  But when I first moved to the country I learned that country rats are different than city rats.  I think I was told that so I would not go screaming back to the suburbs the first time I went to the basement with a load of laundry and almost stepped on a rat with my bare feet. Take it from me that they look a lot alike so the distinction is very small.  I have since learned that any number of our friendly field friends come in for a winter home.  Some I could live with I suppose but me and the rats are never coming to an understanding. So we put out poison where the dogs can't go.  It seems to keep the rats away, and the mice too which I can live with.

Today when walking home with Blackie we found a pile of guts.  Nothing but guts and a small tuft of bunny fur.  No bunny tail, no bunny ears but I take the fur as evidence that these are bunny guts.  I doubt the murderer is a feral cat - they usually leave most of the bunny and take the guts.  I'm guessing coyote tho they are rarely so discerning.  Whatever the cause I knew the guts had to go or Lucy would find them and then I'd see those guts again - likely on the living room rug.  So when I traded Blackie for Lucy I got 2 plastic bags.  I located the guts again and deftly picked them up using 1 bag as a glove and putting the pile into the other bag which I tied and brought home for the garbage.  This suburban mouse has come a long way.  Tho I still do not buy the city rat, country rat story.

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