03 November 2011

Just Me & George

You know how you can go to your Blogger Profile & click on 1 of your listed Interests and then Blogger searches all of the blogs in its domain to find others with the same interest?  When I click on 'My Dogs' I get 6,900 results.  When I click on 'Cooking' I get 105,000 results.  When I click on 'Cutting Brush' I get 2 results and I'm one of them.  And the second person who likes 'Cutting Brush'?  George Bush - yes that George Bush.  I have always said it is the only thing I have in common with him.  Now Blogger has confirmed what I've known all along.
(I am aware that George's blog is a joke.  It's old but pretty funny.)  http://askgeorgebush.blogspot.com/

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