23 December 2011

Christmas Skyping with Rosie

Here's Rosie waiting to experience her first Christmas.  Rosie has a busy holiday schedule.  So we celebrated a couple of days early.  Now she'll be a pro on Christmas Day.

Her very first present - a Winkle.  Easy to hold and designed to help with all those new teeth.

Learning how to unwrap presents.

Happy smile!

Waiting patiently for the next present.

Looking for Gromma.

There's Gromma!

Slinky is enjoying her present. (Rosie is enjoying her fist.)

Rosie now has her own Christmas Bear.  Her Dad got one for his first Christmas.

Slinky wants to help unwrap too.

Hi Gromma!

Playing with her stacking rings - which Mom had just put back together.  Get used to it Mom.

Rosie got lots of books.  Including the 25th anniversary version of The Polar Express. Her Dad got the 1st edition for Christmas when he was 4.

The Winkle seems to be a favorite.

All in all a pretty good Christmas for Rosie.

But now she's ready for a nap.  Opening presents is pretty exhausting.


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