11 December 2011

Sunday Skyping with Rosie

Rosie was amazing today.  Tomorrow she will be 5 months old and she has changed so much since just last week.  Last week she sat up on her own for the first time - today she was sitting like she invented the position.  She started out very intently and solemnly, looking at me on the screen.  Then it was almost as if she figured it out.  She chattered on and on between giggles.  I could not stop snapping pictures and I can't choose just a few - so here are lots of Rosie pictures - it's almost like one of those books you flip thru to make the pictures 'move'.  Please notice that dad dressed her today - hence the turkey shirt and the cow leggins.  Pretty girl.  And, in case Santa is watching, Rosie can be seen playing with her current favorite toy - a Tofutti container.

BYE Rosie!  Have fun helping Mom and Dad decorate the tree.  Gromma can't wait til next week.

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