19 December 2011

The Not-so-Lucky Rabbit's Foot

It was really cold for our walks this morning - 17 degrees at the house - colder in the field, I'm sure.  I was actually thrilled for the frigid temperature - all of the mud is completely frozen so I don't have to spend the whole walk trying not to fall on my butt in a mud puddle.  I added another layer for warmth and started the walk with Blackie who was also happy for a hard, fast surface to run on. He took off in a different direction and followed every smell to its end while I followed the trail to the top of the hill.  We both got to the top at the same time but I was looking straight back to the farthest point on that trail.  At the very back of the field, in the middle of the trail, were two coyotes.  One was standing and looking directly at me.  The other was such a light blonde color it looked more like a yellow lab - she was sitting behind the other and was also staring right at me.  After maybe 30 seconds Blackie looked up & started running at full speed down the trail.  The coyotes rather casually turned and ran into the woods.  Blackie followed but came back soon and we continued walking. Not far from where the coyotes had been I found a perfect rabbit's foot - newly separated from the rest of the poor bunny's leg.  Only if it were bright pink and attached to a key chain could it have looked more like a lucky rabbit's foot.  I went to the house, put Blackie in and got Lucy out for her walk.  Not long after getting into the field Lucy found the scene of the crime.  There was lots of bunny fur but no other bunny parts.  Except for a second  rabbit's foot - a perfect match for the first one I had found.  So I'm thinking that either those coyotes are very discerning eaters, or maybe it's bad luck to eat a lucky rabbit's foot.  

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