06 June 2012

1963 : From Ugly Pants to Ugly Perm

The last of the converted slides that I posted was taken at a New Year's Eve party celebrating the start of 1963.  This slide shows me wearing the ugliest pants ever.  Here's a quick reminder in case you have managed to obliterate the pants from your mind's eye.

For some reason, probably never to be determined, there are very few slides from 1963.  Starting with the one from New Year's Eve, we jump to July at Cossayuna Lake.  These 2 pictures are of my cousin Charlie (at age 2).  Charlie is the youngest cousin by far on either Mom's or Dad's side of the family.  These are just wonderful toddler vs. dead fish photos - you gotta love the bathing suit.

And here is the last slide taken in 1963.  This was in September of that year.  There are no other photos from this time, and there is no indication of this being any particular occasion.  Maybe it was the first day of school for me?  I would have started 5th grade in September of 1963.  Or maybe my Dad decided that having started the year with the ugliest pants ever, it would be fitting to end the year with the ugliest perm ever.  My mother and I never agreed on the length of my hair.  She loved it short and for most of my first 10 years she won the battle by having me scalped at least once at the start of every summer.  I spent most of those years with the pixie cut she favored.  I remember when she decided to get me a perm at the end of summer 1963.  She took me to her salon and subjected me to a long, smelly, tedious process that left me with hair that looked like this.  Future slides may show differently but I think this was the last time I let Mom control my hair.    


sophanne said...

Oh friend, I'm going to win on this one! I think iposted the picture before but I'll at least put up a link later, I've got ugly perm bordering on afro b/c no one paid a bit of attention to what was going on with my hair.

Anonymous said...


I don't even know how I found this blog, but it was a real 'treat' to see all the pictures, some I'm sure my mom and dad haven't ever seen. If you have any more could you please e-mail them to me at sbrustle@nycap.rr.com this is Steve Brustle you cousin Joyce's son.

Also you have to check-out "youtube" 'Mayakis 1974' I found old 8mm films and had them put on a disc. Your family's are on that, I think in your backyard at Delmar. I think my mom told Karen, but I'm not sure if she watched it yet.

E-mail me and we'll talk more... thank-you, Steve

Anonymous said...


Hi this is Steve Brustle, your cousin Joyce's son. I don't know how I even found this blog, but I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the family. Could you please e-mail me if you have any more that are not on this blog. My e-mail is sbrustle@nycap.rr.com Also you should check out "Youtube" and type in 'Mayakis 1974' I found old 8mm movie reels from Alex Mayakis old movie box and they were not labeled, some are of your /our family at I think your Delmar house backyard. My mon told Karen, I don't know if she watched it yet.

e-mail me and we'll talk some more. thank-you, Steve

Janet said...

Steve - I have seen the Mayakis 1974 video. In fact I have watched it several times. Was that the only movie you found from that time period - it is absolutely wonderful. I'm glad you found my blog. If you click on the Labels = 'Slides' and 'Family' you will see quite a few Mayakis family members represented. Enjoy!