19 September 2012

All Good Things Must Come to an End

After a truly wonderful August week of family outings, Jonathan, Cara, Emily and Presley returned to Colorado, and Gus, Meara and Rosie went home to Oregon.  Karen and I were exhausted but we all agreed it was a great visit.  So here are some more photos from our week of family time.

Gus and Meara were not in New York just to see family.  Gus' best friend since 6th grade got married.  Sadly I have no photos of Gus in his suit but here's one of Meara and Rosie on their way to the ceremony.  Meara made Rosie's adorable dress.
While Gus, Meara and Rosie went to the wedding I waited in the motel until I got the call to go for Rosie.  I brought her back to the motel while her Mom and Dad partied.  It was such a treat for me to have that time with Rosie.  We played and read books, had some dinner.  And then Rosie fell asleep in my arms - I was a very happy Gromma.


On one of the last days we all met at 5 Rivers in Delmar.  It is an environmental education center and there are several trails to hike.  5 Rivers was a favorite place when Jonathan and Gus were growing up.  

How cute is Presley!

After the hike we went to the public building which hasn't changed much through the years.  Karen asked the attendant to take a group picture.

After our hike we went to a small restaurant that also holds many memories for all of us who grew up in Delmar.  The food has always been mediocre while the homemade ice cream is, and always has been, yummy.  But the real draw of the Toll Gate is pure nostalgia.  

And on my very last day with Gus and Meara and Rosie we went up to Saratoga.  Gus and Meara met in Saratoga, and they were married there, so more happy memories.  We spent some time in the park where there was a small crafts fair, and there were ducks - Rosie loves ducks!

Meara met up with her friend Eloise who got to meet Rosie for the first time.

A perfect week had to come to an end ... but we all have lots more memories to treasure.

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sophanne said...

Presley with the binocs made me do a secret little sqeeee to myself here in sleeping place. That last photo of you and the fam makes me sad they had to leave.