12 September 2012

Second or Once Removed?

Back in August we had a wonderful week of family time.  

Gus and Meara and Rosie came from Portland.  Cara and Jonathan (Karen's son) came from Denver.  Emily (brother Fred's daughter) and 2 year old Presley also came from Colorado.  It was so great to have the 3 cousins together again.

This reunion of cousins made us wonder - what's the difference between 2nd cousins and cousins once removed?  So we Googled and we learned that Presley and Rosie are 2nd cousins as they are the children of 2 first cousins.  

Jonathan is Rosie's and Presley's 1st cousin once removed (one generation apart).  Meara would be cousin-in-law to Jonathan and Emily, and Meara is Presley's 1st cousin-in-law once removed (I think).

Whatever the relationship there was lots of family and lots of fun.  On the Sunday of that week we all went to my Dad's.  Everybody had cameras to commemorate the occasion.

Rosie had a tour of Poppie's park-like backyard.

   As noted ... lots of pictures!

Poppie was 90 in June and Karen turned 70 just after this visit in late August, so of course we celebrated.

The whole week was a celebration.  And full of smiles!

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sophanne said...

Sometimes...always... I need a visual aide to understand such familial connections. That Rosie is one cute bebe!