01 September 2012

Dog Day

Today is Dog Day.  Dog Day was established when Bear was born on September 1,1995.  At the time we had Oppey,  Buddy & Jezebel - Bear was the last in that long line of great Labs.  Rather than celebrating so many birthdays I declared September 1st as Dog Day.  The celebration has continued throughout the years, even after the incredibly sad loss of Bear (http://ddramblings.blogspot.com/2012/03/sad-anniversary.html).  It has become less a birthday celebration and more a day to honor all dogs and the place they share in our lives.  In spite of the name, the day is also for cats, indeed any pet, because they are all members of our families, and they all give us great joy and comfort.

This year is a somewhat sad reminder that Blackie is no longer with me.  But Dog Day is a celebration and so I will  remember Blackie (and Bear, and Buddy, Oppey, and Jezzie) with love and gratitude for all they have given me.  And my beautiful Lucy will have the traditional dish of venison, and all the cookies she wants.

So in honor of Bear, and in honor of all our fur-friends past and present, please celebrate a very happy Dog Day.

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sophanne said...

Coincidentally enough, September 1 IS Liza Jane's birthday. Happy Dog Day to us all!