14 October 2012

Sunday Skyping with Rosie

As soon as I saw Rosie this morning I noticed she is wearing a dress and leggings I gave her for Christmas last year.  So here is Rosie December 31, 2011 when she was 5 months old.
 And here is Rosie today at 15 months old.
Rosie got a book for us to read.
Here she is reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.  She is pointing out where each fruit is as Gus reads.
No wonder this book is always popular with kids.
And now she is reading 'Busy Bear Cubs'.  I wish I could capture sound with these pictures. She chatters constantly as if having a perfectly normal conversation.  It's obvious that she knows exactly what she is talking about.  Also, whenever she gets to a page where something in the picture is up-side-down, she turns the book around so that the picture is in what she considers to be the right direction.  Yes, she is the smartest baby ever.  

Everyone is waving and saying 'Bye', except of course Rosie.  Gus said she always says Bye after the screen goes dark.
Trying to trick her, he minimized the screen so that Rosie couldn't see me but I could see her.  Still no 'bye' from Rosie.
I finally hung up and just as my view of Rosie went dark, sure enough I heard a little 'Bye'!

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