09 October 2012


Easter 1965 was unique for a lot of reasons.  Not the least of which is now, 47 years later, I have a reason to title this blog post 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'.  Here is a photo of Karen, my Mom, me and Freddie taken in front of our Bartlett Lane house just after church April 18, 1965.    We are each dressed in such iconic fashion this looks like a page out of the Spring 1965  J.C. Penney catalog.  Karen's pale green cloche hat (which coordinates with her white coat and green suit), Mom's pink mohair suit and white gloves, Freddie's madras jacket ... all so very perfect for the time.  And then of course there is my Mary Poppins hat.  The movie premiered in late August 1964 so by 1965 it seemed like everything was Mary Poppins inspired.

All of the previous pictures were taken before company arrived, probably late morning.  We would have had an early afternoon supper, and while we were eating, this happened :

If this happened in today's alarmist world of weather we would likely have been told to stay home and avoid all travel except for emergencies.  I often wish for the days when the only news was on at 6:00 pm, and weekends were news free.