31 October 2012

The End of Reel 5

I am posting the last events captured on Reel #5 of the slides.  This is kind of sad because it is the last reel that is full.  Though slides have been pulled and misplaced throughout the years, each of the five reels was originally filled to its 100 slide capacity.  So while I'm glad to have these all converted, I will miss this project because it has been such fun to remember so much of my childhood.

Most of these remaining pictures were taken June 6, 1965 on the occasion of my and Cousin Sue's confirmation.

Me with Dad and Mom in the backyard of the Bartlett Lane house.

After church we had a party at my Uncle Paul's house where there was a pool.

Bathing beauties : Cousin Paula, me, Cousins Sue and Carol (and an unidentified friend).

Here is my sister Karen at the party.  I'm sure this was very fashionable in 1965 though it looks like the slightest wind would take her flying.

And the last photo in Reel #5 is of my Mom's parents, my Grandma and Grandpa Heimburge.  This was taken in the backyard of Bartlett Lane on June 26, 1965.  (There is nothing  to identify the occasion.)

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sophanne said...

Love mom's pink suit and dad holding your hand.