02 February 2013

One Day in August 1972

The last batch of slides I posted on January 25th were from the summer of 1966.  Then the camera disappeared for 6 years.  It was used only one more time on a beautiful August day in 1972.  Here are the very last of the family slides -- apparently taken because Karen was visiting the Bartlett Lane house with my nephew Jonathan.  He would have been 16 months old; he is now 41 (and still adorable).

Rip, age 11.

Mom with her roses.  I have tried to grow roses like this but I've never had any success.

Mom and Dad relaxing in the sun.

And here is the very last slide.  Janet (19), Freddie (24), and Karen (29).

It is both satisfying and sad to be done with the slide conversion project.  I have so enjoyed seeing my family living such happy lives. I think we all too often remember the bad times and they  overshadow the good ones.  These slides have reminded me that my childhood was filled with wonderful people who loved nothing more than to celebrate family.  That's something I hope to never forget.

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