11 February 2013

Sunday Skyping with Rosie

We did indeed Skype on Sunday but I did not take any pictures.  Skype has been acting strange lately and taking pictures seems to exasperate the problem.  So I didn't even try yesterday and while reception was not great at first, it improved as we talked.  I must admit I even enjoyed the whole experience a little more because I was completely focused on Rosie and Gus and Meara.  I felt it was easier to have a conversation and of course the big thing, my screen never froze and the connection never crashed.  I really can't complain about Skype because it has made it possible for me to see my three favorite people.  I can watch Rosie grow and believe me, living 3000 miles away is always hard but Skype has given me something I could not have dreamed of when I first contemplated being long-distance-Gromma.  And it is free so I will happily continue Skyping.  Most of Rosie's accomplishments now are verbal rather than physical -- they can't be captured in a photo anyway.  I will, I think, try taking 1 or 2 pictures each week.  Just to keep a record of how exactly she looks each time I see her.

So this week I am going to post some wonderful pictures that Gus and Meara took last Fall.

I love everything about this picture.  Just because.

Pumpkin picking.  
Gus called this her serving wench costume.  

Absolutely beautiful.

 Rosie at the vineyard, learning to garden ...

... and to drive.

No idea what's going on here but it sure is cute.

Flashdance Rosie?

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