06 May 2012

Cossayuna Lake, July 1962

There will be no Skyping with Rosie today.  Both of Meara's parents are from Omaha and both have large extended families.  So Rosie is with her Mom making her Nebraskan debut - no doubt an adorable one.

As a poor substitute for Rosie I converted some more slides, the last from Reel #4.  All were taken at Cossayuna Lake in July 1962 - most were apparently taken on the same day.

The hammock was always a popular spot.  Here are Karen and my Mom.

My Uncle Henry had a camp down the road so we spent a lot of time walking back and forth.  I have the inner tube and Cousin Suzie is carrying a pile of towels.  

Just about dead center between the two camps was Camp Albany - a boys' summer camp for kids from the city.   For all of the girls in the family, upon reaching a certain age, Camp Albany was a real attraction - all boys, all the time, and located between the two camps so there was a perfectly good reason to parade up and down the road several times a day.  The camp had movies every Friday night.  It was bench seating, a small screen, and the film kept breaking but what a treat to see movies while we were on vacation. Karen, Freddie and I were recently talking about our years at Cossayuna and we all remembered the movies.  Karen, a great resource for memories and memorabilia, found this old movie schedule - not sure from what year but it doesn't matter because they showed the same movies every year.  Someone I showed this to wondered why they give both Eastern Standard Time and Daylight Savings Time - surely there was no time change between July and August.  

Here's Freddie with our dog Rip who was about a year old that summer.  

A rare picture of the entire family.

The family with Grammie Clas, my Dad's mother.

Freddie, Karen and me with Rip.  Freddie would be almost 15, Karen close to 20 and I would have been 9 & 1/2.

I love this of Karen and I.

Cousin Johnny doing the dishes.  I love this shot of the kitchen.  

We got Rip when we were in Delmar.  He and I were best friends.  Don't you love the flip-flops I'm wearing - one thing that hasn't changed in all these years.  


sophanne said...

So sweet, so sweet. Only good people can only have such great dogs.

unionmama@msn.com said...

Love the pictures. Our house on the eastern shore was for the physician for the camp. Thank you for posting.