29 May 2012


I am a huge fan of peonies.  They were always a part of my Mom's and both grandmothers' gardens.  Dan's grandfather raised them commercially, and Dan's cousin (who now lives in the grandfather's house) still maintains the huge peony field at the farm.  I put a couple of peony plants in a few years ago and this year is the first time I have masses of beautiful blooms.  We are supposed to have thunder storms (and possible hail) this afternoon so I've just cut several.  They are now in the living room.  Among their other attributes, peonies smell absolutely amazing.

This particular white peony is my favorite - it is called Festiva Maxima and is known for a splash of red in the center.  Gus and Meara used the peonies from the farm for their wedding and most were this variety.

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