20 August 2012

Family Time

It seems I haven't posted much this month (not a lot in July either).  I started July in Portland with Gus and Meara and Rosie - there are some posts from that wonderful trip.  Then a couple of weeks ago Gus, Meara and Rosie traveled East.  At the same time my nephew Jonathan and his lovely Cara, plus my niece Emily with her adorable 2-year-old Presley, visited from Colorado.  It was a feast of family.  Sadly Emily's Dad (my brother, Fred), her brother Tyler, and her husband Blake could not make it but it was really nice to have so many of us in one place at the same time.  We had not all been together since my Mom died in November 2003 - almost 9 years which is way too long.

I will soon post plenty of pictures.  Right now I am on my way to the hospital to have my gallbladder removed (another reason I have been out of touch for awhile).  So for now I will just put up these two photos of the cousins.

Gus (2), Jonathan (13) and Emily (1) in 1984

And in 2012.

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