23 August 2012

Over the River and Through the Woods ...

On Rosie's first day in New York she came to Gromma's house.

First we had some lunch.  Rosie sat in the same high chair that Karen, Freddie and I used - that would make it 70 years old.  When my Mom was alive she had the chair so Gus used it too.  And, now that I think of it, Jonathan and Emily would have had occasion to use the chair as well.  It has served our family well.

After lunch we got out the Brio trains.  I think Gus enjoyed playing with his old trains as much as Rosie (or maybe more).

After all that fun Rosie took a break with her Mom.

After a nap Rosie learned how to blow a whistle.  Yes, Gus is holding her nose (to force air out through her mouth rather than her nose) - it worked and from then on she could make a noise that delighted her.

Though the green Converse sneakers are adorable, they were a still a bit too big.  So I found Gus' first sneakers and they were a perfect fit.  I am not a hoarder, but I am a keeper of all things sentimental.

Meara, Gus and Rosie

Gromma, Gus and Rosie

Very happy Gromma and Rosie.

The next day we went to Karen's house where we met up with Jonathan, Cara, Emily and Presley.

Presley meets Rosie.

Girl talk.

More Brio trains.

Jonathan and Presley tour Karen's backyard.

So cute.

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sophanne said...

Rosie looks so much like Gus! Do you have any of his baby pics to compare the two?