27 August 2012


This afternoon Gus and Rosie and I Skyped.

I asked if she was walking.  Gus said she had 'let go' quite often and even walked a few steps to pick something up.  She still needed to hang on when she wanted to take a walk.  I actually saw her let go a couple of times, but mostly she climbed and showed me her tongue.

(And Gus showed me his tongue.)

So it's now about 5:00 NY time (2 hours later), and I got a call from Gus and Meara.  They were laughing because Rosie was walking everywhere.  I asked if we could Skype so I could see.  And sure enough she was walking, FAST, from one corner of the room to another - she'd get to a chair or a table, bounce off of it, turn and start going fast to the next corner.  She was like a human pinball machine.  So I got 2 blurry pictures - keep in mind that I took these via Skype while Gus chased Rosie around with his laptop; and don't forget, she was really fast.

I think she is now an exhausted girl.  YAY Rosie!!!

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