05 August 2012

Rosie is 1 Year Old!

On the Thursday of Rosie's Birthday Week it was her birthday and she got presents.  After waking up and having a snack Rosie was ready to open her presents.  She waited patiently while her Dad assembled the gifts.

And then, with help from her Mom and Dad, the present opening began.

Rosie got a lot of books.  Here her Dad is reading "How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday".  There are quite a few "How Do Dinosaurs ..." books (by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague).  These are really sweet, wonderful books.  Rosie and I give them strong recommendations if you are looking for books that kids love over and over again, and adults won't mind reading over and over again.

Some people hire clowns for kids birthdays.  But knowing just how scary clowns can be, Gus and Meara had guys come to take down trees in their backyard.  Rosie seemed entertained, and not scared in the least.  (OK, it was just a coincidence that the tree guys came on her birthday.  Still better than clowns.)

After all of this excitement Rosie took a nap, and then we went to the zoo. 

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