15 December 2012

Monsters Among Us

I am normally a bit of a news junkie.  But since yesterday I've avoided all news channels; I've averted my eyes from the front page of the morning paper.  It is simply too horrific, too devastating, too incomprehensible, too much to think about.  Someone killed the most innocent of victims in the most innocent of places ... there are no words.  And yet I can't keep this out of sight, out of mind.  It haunts me.  These children who lived just a split second of the lives they deserved, they need to be in our thoughts no matter how painful. Because to push away the terror of what happened would mean that one more time nothing gets done to stop this from happening again, and again.  I know this but I have no solutions.  Right now all I can do is to not forget.

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sophanne said...

I feel like the fear that he caused in those babies was released into the world and we are all being forced to absorb the sorrow of it all. Maybe it will eventually dissipate but not from watching about it on the news. This I know.