02 December 2012

Sunday Skyping with Rosie

Rosie is a bit under the weather again - such is the fate of a toddler at this time of year.  (Or maybe such is the fate of a toddler's parents.)  But she was adorable as always and is interacting with me more and more via the magic connection of Skype.

When I was in Portland this summer I occasionally called Rosie "Princess Pumpkin Pie" - I think for no reason other than the alliteration factor. So when I found this Sweet as Pumpkin Pie shirt I had to send it to the Princess. She knows the refernece and gladly points to her shirt whenever pumpkin pie is mentioned.

When I asked Rosie how she was today she said, very clearly, "Happy!".  Needless to say that answer made Gromma happy.  

She came close to the screen and chattered away as if having our own little conversation was her intent.  We soon started showing each other our tongues -- we were both quite amused.

Here Rosie is showing me her teeth.  Yes, I showed her mine in return.

I love this picture of Meara and Rosie -- so sweet.

Gromma loves you all!!

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